Launch your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform!

Interested in building your own SaaS platform?

Beyond Light Creations can help you develop a SaaS application from top-to-bottom. Whether you are a new startup or offering a new product vertical in your enterprise, we can deliver a scalable solution ready for market launch.

Common Features

Here are some common features of a typical SaaS platform, but not limited to the following. You are free to decide what should be included in your platform. 

  1. User Registration
  2. Custom API
  3. Subscription Billing
  4. Price Tiered Services
  5. Admin Dashboard
  6. Web Interface
  7. Mobile Interface
  8. more…

Common SaaS Platforms

There are many different types of SaaS platforms it’s hard to count. SaaS startups have taken over from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley.
#MusicTech #FinTech #LegalTech #HealthCareTech #MarketingTech #LogisticsTech #AdTech #ConstructionTech #InsuranceTech

E-Learning Platform
Do you have knowledge on a topic that you would like to teach to an audience of students? Want to design courses, offer free and premium content? Schedule 1-on-1s with students? Track student progress? Building an education platform may be right for you.

Project Management Platform
Want to be more productive in your daily work life, and need a better way of tracking your progress? Are you a manager and need to organize and track the progress of your team? A project management platform can help you organize, track, and collaborate to accomplish valuable tasks.

Real-estate SaaS platform
Real-estate tech is a red hot industry right now. A lot of innovative tech initiatives have emerged to improve the different verticals in the industry. Whether its property listing databases, appraisal estimation software, or property management platforms, new ideas are worth the investment. Do you want to launch a new startup or would you like to launch a new technology product to increase your company’s competitive edge? Talk to us, and let’s see where we can help.

Our Process

Ready to get started?

  1. Free consultation phone call
    Schedule a free phone to discuss your idea, and receive a follow-up proposal.
  2. Plan
    We will help you plan out your idea, define all user flows, and list all required features. We will answer any questions you have to help guide you throughout your project development cycle.
  3. Design
    Tell us how do you want your project to look. In this phase we will design the user-interface for your platform, and provide you with mock-ups. 
  4. Develop
    Now that your project is though-out, project scope is decided, and user-interface is designed, we can begin the development process. We will schedule recurring demos throughout the development process, so you can see your idea come to life.
  5. Quality Assurance
    We will thoroughly test your platform to make sure all features are working as expected.
  6. Launch!
    Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Your project is now complete and ready to be published. Congratulations!

Ready to start on your project or speak to a consultant to help point you in the right direction? If so, Let’s chat!