Build a custom software solution for your business!

Create a software solution that is unique to your business.

Beyond Light Creations helps companies build custom software solutions that is the perfect-fit for their business needs. Want to launch a new product vertical? Have an idea for a startup? We can help you plan, design, and develop a technical solution. Whether it be to developing a new front-end user interface, backend API, or mobile app, we are here to help.

Our Process

Ready to get started?

  1. Free consultation phone call
    Schedule a free phone to discuss your idea, and receive a follow-up proposal.
  2. Plan
    We will help you plan out your idea, define all user flows, and list all required features. We will answer any questions you have to help guide you throughout your project development cycle.
  3. Design
    Tell us how do you want your project to look. In this phase we will design the user-interface for your platform, and provide you with mock-ups. 
  4. Develop
    Now that your project is though-out, project scope is decided, and user-interface is designed, we can begin the development process. We will schedule recurring demos throughout the development process, so you can see your idea come to life.
  5. Quality Assurance
    We will thoroughly test your platform to make sure all features are working as expected.
  6. Launch!
    Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Your project is now complete and ready to be published. Congratulations!

Ready to start on your project or speak to a consultant to help point you in the right direction? If so, Let’s chat!